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Dogs SA Exhibitors Code of Conduct (01/20)

1. By entering an Exhibition, all exhibitors acknowledge that they will do their utmost to comply with this Code of Conduct.

2. Exhibitors shall at all times and in all communications, including electronic media;

(a)          Be familiar with and commit to abide by ANKC Ltd and Member Body rules and regulations, and the rules covering the Exhibition both in word and in spirit.

(b)          Consider the health and welfare of their dog(s) to be of prime importance.

(c) Consider the health and welfare of other peoples’ dogs as if they were their own and not commit or allow their dog(s) to commit any act that may put other people or their dogs at risk.

(d)  Commit to fair play, sportsmanship, honesty and integrity within a competitive spirit and display good grace whether successful or otherwise.

(e) Commit to being civil and courteous at all times to other exhibitors, Judges, the Exhibition management, stewards and other officials.

(f)  Commit to having control over their dogs at all times.

(g)  Be respectful of decisions taken by judges and the Exhibition Manager and refrain from open displays of dissent.

(h) Respect constructive criticism of the performance or behaviour of themselves or their dogs.

(i)  Be respectful and constructive should they feel the need to comment on aspects of the running of an Exhibition, decisions made by Judges, or the performance or behaviour of another exhibitor or their dog.

(j)  Be respectful and constructive should they feel the need to comment on a dog entered in the Exhibition by another exhibitor.

(k) Do nothing to adversely affect the impartiality of the Exhibition management or judges at the Exhibition.

(l)  Take responsibility for the actions and behaviour of their dog(s), family members or guests whom they invite into the precincts of the Exhibition.

(m) Be welcoming and encouraging towards newcomers to the sport and assist them in   understanding both the letter of and the spirit of the rules and the code of conduct for exhibitors.

(n) Ensure that they have trained their dog(s) to a standard that will give them every chance to compete safely and successfully.

3. The use of threatening, abusive or aggressive language or behaviour towards any   other person attending an Exhibition, including but not limited to, judges, exhibition officials, other exhibitors or visitors will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Breaches of the Code of Conduct

4. Any competitor who witnesses a breach of this Code of Conduct is encouraged to report the matter to the SACA Representative at the earliest possible time. (01/20)