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Dogs SA Code of Ethics for Members (Part XV Codes)


Each Member shall comply with the following Code of Ethics and any Member who fails to do so shall be guilty of an offence against these Rules.

As a Member of the South Australian Canine Association:

  1. I shall ensure that at all times all dogs under my control are properly and effectively contained by fencing or enclosure, and are properly housed, fed, watered, exercised and given proper Veterinary attention if and when required.
  2. I shall not allow any dogs under my care to roam at large, and, when away from home, ensure they are kept fully leashed and under effective control, or otherwise under effective control at all times. (01/16)
  3. I shall breed only for the purpose of improving the quality of the breed in line with the breed standard and strive to eliminate hereditary diseases in the breed/s that I produce.
  4. I shall strive to have all my breeding stock tested, where tests are available, for hereditary diseases.
  5. The health and welfare of a bitch being bred from is of paramount importance and I will adhere to the following minimum standards. (01/20)

    (a) Not allow any bitch owned by me and/or under my control to be mated before she is twelve months of age. (01/20)

    (b) Breeding – A member shall not breed with a bitch causing it to whelp more than twice in any eighteen (18) period without the prior approval of the SACA. (01/20)

    (c)  Not permit a bitch to have more than five litters in her lifetime unless at the time of mating there was a current veterinary certificate stating that the bitch is in good health. The veterinary certificate must be presented at the time of registering the litter resulting from this mating. (11/21)

    (d) Not conduct or permit mother/son, father/daughter or brother/sister matings.  Puppies from such matings will not be registered unless approval from the SACA was provided prior to the mating.  SACA will only provide approval where scientifically proven welfare or veterinary reasons exist. (01/20)

    (e) Not breed a bitch over eight years of age unless at the time of a mating there was a current veterinary certificate stating that the bitch is in good health. The veterinary certificate must be presented at the time of registering the litter resulting from this mating. A current veterinarian certificate is defined as a certificate dated within the three months prior to the mating. (01/20)

    (f)  A current veterinary certificate is defined as a certificate dated within three months prior to the mating. (11/21)

    1. I shall not knowingly permit any of my pure bred dogs to be mated to a dog of a different breed, to a cross bred dog, or to an unregistered dog of the same breed, or to a dog of the same breed which is entered on the Limited Register, unless specific permission is given by the SACA.
    2. I shall not sell or otherwise transfer from my care any puppy under eight weeks of age, thus allowing for vaccination to be given at six weeks of age and thereby allowing for the ten to fourteen days for the vaccine to take effect.  Upon the disposal of the dog I shall provide the owner with a current vaccination certificate of that dog issued by a Veterinary Surgeon.  Accepted Veterinarian vaccination certificates are C3 12/36 months, C4, C5 or an annual Titre Test accompanied by a Veterinarian letter. (01/19)
    3. I shall not knowingly sell or otherwise transfer from my care any dog that is not in good health.
    4. I shall ensure that any puppy that is to be exported shall be a minimum of eleven weeks of age and micro-chipped. (01/12)
    5. I shall ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibility for the care and welfare of the animal as defined in Clause 1 and 2 above.   I shall not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the performance of any dog.  I shall provide to all purchasers of dogs or those placed by me, written details of all dietary and vaccination requirements and responsible dog ownership and/or an appropriate publication relating to such requirements.
    6. I shall not sell any dog to commercial dog wholesalers, retail pet dealers, or directly or indirectly to allow a dog to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind or to be auctioned. (01/12)


    The SACA Constitution covers such regulations as:

    • The objects of the Association. 
    • Classes of membership.
    • The election of Councillors
    • Annual General Meetings and voting rights.
    • The conduct and powers of Council.
    • Affiliation requirements of Clubs.
    • Disciplinary procedures.

    Dogs and Cat Laws

    Laws relating to dogs in South Australia are governed by the Dog & Cat Management Board of SA , which is established under the Dog and Cat Management Act 1995 (the Act) and is the only Statutory Authority of its kind in Australia.

    The Act provides powers and functions for councils to manage day-to-day enforcement and administration of the legislative provisions for the management of dogs and cats in the community.

    Please visit the Dog & Cat Management Board website at for general information regarding your responsibilities for keeping dogs and cats in South Australia and for government legislation relating to dogs and cats in the community.

    For a guide to responsible dog ownership visit an initiative of the Dog & Cat Mangement Board.

    Hot Water Policy


    Hot Weather Rules for Conformation, Obedience, Agility, Flyball, Earthdog and Herding (07/09)

    9. The following Exhibitions must be cancelled when the forecast temperature at 10.00a.m from the site two days prior for; (07/10)

    (a) Conformation Exhibitions, is 37 degrees Celsius or higher;

    (b) Obedience, Agility, Flyball and Earthdog Trials, is 34 degrees Celsius or higher;

    (c) Herding Trials, Tests and training, is 30 degrees Celsius or higher.

    This temperature will be final for the decision to cancel an Exhibition.

    10. For multiple Exhibitions scheduled for a weekend, only those Exhibitions where the temperatures do not comply with those specified in these rules, must be cancelled.

    11. It is the responsibility of an exhibitor to check two days prior to the Exhibition that the forecasted temperature for the day, at the locality where the Exhibition is to be held, is in accordance with these rules.(07/10)

    12. All schedules must state that where an Exhibition is cancelled in accordance with the Hot Weather Rules, no entry fees will be refunded.

    13. The Affiliate Member must notify the SACA Office and officials of their decision to cancel immediately.

    14. Where the Affiliate Member has cancelled an Exhibition the Secretary or Convenor must submit a copy of the catalogue to the Executive Officer within 14 days of the date of cancellation.

    15. All levies from entries fees and ground hire fees where applicable will be paid to the SACA.

    16. All contracted Judges, Stewards and SACA Representative fees must be paid.

    17. Exception to these rules is where an Exhibition has been scheduled to be held in an air conditioned venue or where the Exhibition is scheduled to start not before 6.00pm.(07/10)


    Where the temperature is 30 degrees Celsius or higher, all Affiliate Members must provide;

    1. Adequate shade in each ring for Judges and in the assembly area for the Stewards and Exhibits;

    2. A seat for all Stewards;

    3. Cool refreshments at ringside for Judges and Stewards;

    4. Hourly announcements must be provided to notify exhibitors to be alert about dogs in cars, dog trailers, tents, heat exhaustion and where a tap is located for water for dogs and livestock;

    5. A towel or similar for the examination table; and

    6. Conformation Clubs should consider judging through the lunch break in consultation with the Judge/s. Where there is no lunchbreak, Junior Handler classes will not be conducted unless scheduled prior to the commencement of the Exhibition.

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