Yorkshire Terrier

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


3 kg (approx)

Life Span:

13-17 years (approx)


A small, compact, agile, alert sturdy dog with an engaging personality, great intelligence, easily trainable, a lovable companion.

The most outstanding feature of the Yorkshire Terrier, distinguishing him from all other small breeds, is his long, silken textured coat.


In about 1750, the farmworkers in England at the time of the Industrial Revolutions gave up working in the country and moved into larger cities to obtain better-paying jobs.

A lot of the workers came into Yorkshire, England, from Scotland, where there were many manufacturing centers, coal mines, and other industries. With the workers came to their Paisley or Clydesdale Terrier dogs, used to keep rats down in both the houses and the workplaces. These terriers eventually crossed with Skye Terriers, Black, and Tan Terriers, and even Maltese Terriers. Dog fanciers began to keep the smallest from each litter to breed to each other, eventually producing the miniaturized Yorkshire Terrier we now know.


Yorkshire Terriers seem oblivious of their small size. They are eager for adventure. This little dog is highly energetic, brave, loyal, and clever. With owners who take the time to understand how to treat a small dog, the Yorkie is wonderful.


The Yorkie has a reasonably small appetite, and a large tablespoon of food for each meal usually satisfies. Puppies and growing dogs require more food a day than fully grown dogs. The true essence of the Yorkshire Terrier - that which sets it apart from other small breeds - is its coat.

The glossy silky coat is very similar to human hair in that it continues to grow and requires trimming. It does not shed. The coat should be brushed daily, and shampooed regularly, to maintain a healthy shiny coat.


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