Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


23-32 kg (approx)

Life Span:

12 years (approx)


The Weimaraner is a moderately large, athletic, working dog. The somewhat wide-set eyes come in shades of light amber, gray, or blue-gray. The short, smooth coat is tight to the whole body and comes in shades of mouse-gray to silver-gray, blending with darker shades on the body and lighter shades on the head and ears. It also comes in a rarer longhaired variety. All shades of gray are accepted. There is sometimes a small white marking on the chest.


The breed is several centuries old and is derived from the same selective stock as other German hunting breeds and is a descendant of the Bloodhound. The Weimaraner is a good all-around hunting dog and an excellent pointer. They were originally used as big game hunters such as bear, deer, and wolves, but is used more today as a bird dog and even water retriever. Some of its talents include: hunting, tracking, retrieving, pointing, watchdog, guarding, police work, service dogs for the disabled, search & rescue, and agility.


Happy, loving, intelligent, cheerful, and affectionate. Good with children. Without the proper exercise, they will be very rambunctious and difficult to control. They learn quickly but will get bored if the training is the same thing over and over again. Brave, protective and loyal, makes a good guard and watchdog. They are so eager to please and motivated by reward (food or praise). Very hardy, with a good sense of smell, and a passionate worker, the Weimaraner can be used for all kinds of hunting.


These are powerful working dogs with great stamina. They need to be taken for a daily, long walk or jog. In addition, they need plenty of opportunities to run free. The smooth, short-haired coat is easy to keep in peak condition. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and dry shampoo occasionally. Bathe in mild soap only when necessary. A rub over with a chamois will make the coat gleam. Inspect the feet and mouth for damage after work or exercise sessions. Keep the nails trimmed. This breed is an average shedder.