Poodle (Miniature)

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


4-7 Kg (Approx)

Life Span:

10-18 years (Approx)


The Poodle is a normally constructed dog without exaggeration. It has a proud carriage standing and moving, its tail held high and a long, strong neck suited to its work. The breed has a long, clean-lined head and strong and well-chiselled foreface. The typical Poodle expression requires a correct head and foreface, a dark almond eye and long, wide, low-set ear leathers hanging close to the face. The profuse coat is dense and of harsh texture for water retrieving. The traditional lion clip is strongly recommended for showing. All solid colours are accepted.


The Poodle was developed as a water retriever in Germany, Russia and France from the 16th to 19th centuries. Small Poodles were also used to find truffles. The word 'Poodle' originated from the German Pudel or the Russian pod-laika, both referring to splashing about in water. The French call the Poodle caniche, which comes from their word for'duck-dog', indicating the Poodle's water retriever history.

The Poodle is a traditional breed for circuses, even appearing as a circus performer on the goldfields of 19th century Australia. It has long been seen as a glamorous companion but many fanciers are now reintroducing the Poodle to its original work.


The Poodle has an active, friendly, confident and very intelligent temperament, and is easily trained. A certain reserve may be shown to strangers but any form of shyness, nervousness or viciousness is unacceptable in the Poodle.


Pet Poodles require a daily eye, rectum and foot check, weekly brushing and ear cleaning. Every six weeks a professional bath, ear clean, nail trim and coat clip is in order. Show Poodles require a weekly bath and expert trimming from an early age, especially during coat change at 10-18 months. Diet, exercise and training should maintain a healthy weight, good muscle tone and optimal mental stimulation. Formal exercise should not be overdone with young Poodles and care taken in hot weather.


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