Italian Greyhound

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


4-5 kg (approx)

Life Span:

13-15 years (approx)


The Italian Greyhound is a slender, fine-boned little dog. The head is long, narrow, almost flat on the top with a muzzle that tapers to a point. The medium-sized eyes are dark. The small ears fold back along with the head, and when the dog is alert they angle to the right. The long neck is arched. The chest is deep and narrow. The front legs are straight. The long, low-set tail is thin, tapering to a point. The short, glossy coat comes in all colours, including gray, slate gray, red, fawn, blue, black, white or cream. The dogs can be white with colour markings or colour with white markings on the chest and feet.


The Italian Greyhound is an ancient breed. A 6000-year-old Egyptian tomb shows dogs similar to the Italian Greyhound. They are also depicted in decorative Mediterranean art of 2000 years ago. The dogs became popular with noblemen during the Renaissance. A small Greyhound type dog was found in an ancient lava flow in the city of Pompeii, which is the ruined and partially buried Roman town-city near modern Naples in the Italian region of Campania. In the sixteenth century, like the Greyhound, this breed was brought to Europe by the Phoenicians civilization and became popular with European nobility. James I of England, Catherine the Great of Russia, Anne of Denmark, and Queen Victoria, all owned Italian Greyhounds.


The Italian Greyhound is playful, keen, affectionate, intelligent, and kind mannered. Generally submissive and want nothing more than to please their owners. They are sensitive to the tone of one's voice and will not listen if they sense that they are stronger-minded than their owner, however, they will also not respond well to harsh discipline. Can be reserved with strangers. Generally, they are not difficult to train provided their handler is consistent with them.


Italian Greyhounds are active little dogs who need regular exercise. In addition, they love to run free and play. They are sensitive to cold weather. Owners will often put a shirt on them. The Italian Greyhound is one of the easiest dogs to groom. All that is needed to keep the fine, silky coat gleaming is a rubdown with a piece of toweling or chamois. Only bathe when absolutely necessary. This breed sheds little to no hair.