German Spitz – (Klein) (Mittel)

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


7-11 Kg (Approx)

Life Span:

13-15 years


A German Spitz is compact with an almost square outline and is a dog of substance under the profuse double coat. Contrary to fears, it is not a difficult dog to groom as the coat repels both water and dirt and usually a simple brushing is all that is required to freshen the appearance. An alert dog, the German Spitz is always on the lookout for its next adventure.


Once a popular member of the European Circus, the German Spitz loves to be active and is always on the lookout for its next adventure.

German Spitz, in both Mittel and Klein sizes, are descended from the Nordic dogs of Europe that originally developed a thick double coat to protect against harsh winters. It is that coat, the lush tail feathering and their typical Spitz characteristics, principally pricked ears, curled tail and wedge-shaped head, which give them so much appeal today.


A German Spitz is a happy dog that makes a spectacularly loyal companion and effective watchdog. Buoyant and vibrant at play, it is willing to take part in family activities. It is highly social and is now being used as a therapy dog because of its lack of aggression and genuine pleasure it takes from being with people.


Coat care is easy provided brushing is carried out weekly to remove dead coat. As an untrimmed breed in the show ring they are easy to care for and look their best with a minimum of effort. After a run in the park, mud and dirt will fall off and does not stick to or stain the coat. Tidying of the feet is permitted but is a relatively simple task, even for the novice. Twice a year the dog moults its coat and will require more systematic brushing, but for the rest of the year it leaves little hair around the house.