Fox Terrier (Smooth)

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


7-8Kg (Approx.)

Life Span:

Up to 15 years


The Smooth Fox Terrier is a medium sized dog. The skull is flat, moderately narrowing to the eyes. The stop is slight. The muzzle gradually tapers to the black nose. The small V-shaped ears drop forward close to the cheeks. The neck is thick and muscular. The legs are straight. The tail is high set and is no longer docked. The flat, smooth coat should be dense and abundant. The coat is predominately white with black or brown markings


The Fox Terrier was developed by crossing ancient Dachshunds, English Hounds, and later the Fox Hound and Beagle. It is one of the oldest terrier type dogs, originating in the British Isles in the 17th century. They were used by farmers who needed dogs to help get rid of the animals that would prey on the farmers stock, such as fox and rats and other small vermin. The Fox Terrier would find the animal in the ground relentlessly, digging, barking, growling and lunging until it harassed the animal out of its den where the hunter could then kill it.


The Smooth Fox Terrier is a brave and bold terrier. Cheerful, lovable, enthusiastic and playful especially with children. Affectionate, very devoted and loyal with the family, they truly enjoy their company. Keep this breed properly leashed or in a completely enclosed area, because the Fox Terrier likes to go off and explore.


The short coat of the Smooth Fox Terrier is easy to groom. Brush with a firm bristle brush, and bathe or dry shampoo when necessary. This breed is an average shedder, blowing the coat twice a year. This breed needs to be taken on a daily, long walk or jog. If it is possible, they will love to run free in a safe area. Keep this dog on a leash if there are small animals around. The urge for these dogs to hunt is strong and they are likely to take off chasing a small animal.


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