Chinese Crested Dog

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


Up to 5.5 kg (approx)

Life Span:

10-13 years (approx)


A small, active, and graceful dog; medium to fine-boned, smooth hairless body, with hair on feet, head, and tail only; or covered with a soft veil of hair.

This breed is quite active and graceful - with their unique elongated hare feet - used for gripping whilst climbing, undoing catches, or flitting around furniture they are rarely still and can entertain humans for hours. They are incredibly speedy and good fencing and training are mandatory - once in full flight, they are very hard to catch.

The skin of the Hairless is very soft - like the finest suede - and the Powder Puff has a double coat - a soft undercoat with a long silky outer coat of slightly harder guard hairs.


Something caused a gene to mutate and so the first hairless dogs appeared from their coated parents. Hairless dogs have always been rare and would have originally been regarded as curiosities and highly prized for trading purposes. The Chinese Crested is one of those hairless breeds that have survived and are becoming increasingly popular all over the world.


The breed is happy, intelligent, and alert and can be quite self-possessed. Whilst they can be real extroverts in familiar surroundings they can, however, be apprehensive of strangers and rather aloof in manner, and may react to provocation.


HAIRLESS Skin is SKIN. Treat it like your own - in adolescence, you would wash your face every day & treat for acne & blackheads and then moisturise.

POWDERPPUFF A Powder Puff in fully mature show coat is a glorious sight to behold and it must be groomed and bathed on a regular basis. Both varieties are ideally indoor dogs and in cold weather the Hairless need protection with coats.