Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


50-59 kg (approx)

Life Span:

7-12 years (approx)


The Bullmastiff dog is a giant dog that was produced for the purpose of safeguarding its owner. They are brave, fearless, and courageous dogs that leave no stone unturned in guarding their master and family. It contains a short and dense coat that protects it from a harsh environment such as rain. This massive, majestic and strong dog has 3 acceptable colors of its coat. According to the AKC standard, the coat of Bullmastiff dog depicts fawn, red, and brindle color.


A breed believed to be created in the late 1800s for the purpose of doing a job for a man. Originally bred from stock 60% Mastiff 40% Bulldog, they wanted to create a dog that was powerful enough to knock down and hold a poacher, had a good sprint to catch one, was tough enough to receive blows to the head and eyes, and not let go of his intruder, along with a powerful, holding bite. This is why Bullmastiff owners must greet newcomers to the dog at their first interaction. He is a very loyal dog.


High spirited, alert and faithful, the Bullmastiff makes a wonderful home guardian and loyal companion. He is suited to acreage or townhouse living, happiest when he is part of the family. Lazy by nature and loving the family couch he will turn into a couch potato if you let him.


Low maintenance, changing coat with seasons a couple of times a year. The coat of a Bullmastiff should be short and hard, weather-resistant, lying flat to the body.

A very little exercise is needed for up to 12 months as too much exercise will damage his bones and ligaments. Once most of his growth has been done he may do as much exercise as he likes. He likes his exercise to be either early morning or late evening when it is cool as Bullmastiffs hate the heat of the day.