Border Terrier

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


6-7 kg (approx)

Life Span:

12-15 years (approx)


A small outgoing terrier with a coarse, harsh double coat. Border Terriers have dark eyes, a short muzzle and small V shaped ears. Their tail is carrot shaped – naturally shortish and tapered at the end. They come in Red, Blue and Tan, and Grizzle & Tan and Wheaten. They should have small compact feet with no white as only a small patch is permitted on the chest area.


The Border Terrier originates from the Cheviot Hills area on the border of Scotland and England. They were bred for working purposes mainly for fox culling in the farming areas. They also had to be sturdy enough and have enough leg to enable them to keep up with a horse. Because of their personalities and good temperaments, they moved into the house and today are highly regarded as wonderful house dogs and pets. Many are still used for vermin control and farm work but they are best known for their winning personalities as pets in many homes all over the world.


Border Terriers are alert and lively but mild mannered and very affectionate. These dogs are very suitable companions for any age group and are well known for Pet Therapy programmes. They are very biddable and relatively easy to train, as they are so willing to please. They are great with other pets if raised with them but need to be watched with other peoples cats, rabbits, rats or birds. They are friendly towards other dogs so make them ideal for public walking.


Occasional brushing is required to remove any dead undercoat and twice a year the coat needs to be completely hand-stripped off. Bathing is rarely required and they shed very little hair so are acceptable for allergy sufferers.