Bergamasco Shepherd Dog

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


26-38 Kg (Approx)

Life Span:

13-15 years


The Bergamasco Shepherd is a medium-sized dog of rustic appearance with an abundant coat covering all parts of the body; powerfully constructed but very well proportioned. Conformation is that of a dog of medium proportions (mesomorphic) the body is square in outline, with well-balanced proportions in relation to size and the profiles of the head and body.


The Bergamasco is an ancient breed of a herd dog widespread across the Italian Alpine and pre- Alpine regions; a particularly large number of the breed could be found in the valleys of the Bergamo region where sheep breeding was carried out on a large scale. The dog was essential in aiding shepherds driving herds during the seasonal movement between the pastures of the Alpine regions and plains of the Po Valley. A painting by a famous artist depicting the breed in the sixteenth century provides evidence of the ancient origins. The first dogs were registered with the Italian Stud Book in 1891.


The function of the Bergamasco Shepherd dog is to drive and guard herds and livestock in general, a task for which the breed expresses consummate behaviour thanks to the vigilance, concentration and harmonious built. The capacity for learning and the determination combined with moderation and patience make the dog an excellent guard and companion, suited to various functions. Known to establish a close relationship with man. The breed must never be aggressive or fearful, although a slight natural diffidence is mentioned as a somewhat typical characteristic of some sheepdogs.

This breed can compete in dog agility trials, obedience, showmanship, flyball, and tracking events. Herding instincts and trainability mean the dog can be trained to compete in herding trials. Although the Bergamasco is often photographed herding sheep, it is traditionally a cattle dog that performs well in a mountain environment. The cattlemen let their dogs go and they bring the herd back without human supervision.


An adult Bergamasco’ coat is basically maintenance-free. It's made up of three types of hair, called 'dog', 'goat,' and 'wool.' Goat and wool hairs don't start to appear until the dog is a year old. When they do, the coat must be ripped into mats, a process that can take a few hours or a few evenings. But once it's done, it's done. A Bergamasco doesn't shed, doesn't need to be brushed, and doesn't need to be bathed more than two or three times a year. Because the coat aids in thermoregulation, a Bergamasco should never be shaved down. Bergamasco's nails should be trimmed regularly.


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