Australian Terrier

Breed Details


Exercise Requirements:

Grooming Requirements:


6-7 kg (approx)

Life Span:

12-14 years (approx)


The "Aussie," as it is affectionately known, is one of the smallest in the Terrier Group. The Australian Terrier is a sturdy, short legged, little dog. It has a long head, with erect, v shaped ears and the eyes are dark brown with a keen expression. The Australian Terrier has a weather-proof double coat that is about 2-3 inches (5-6.5 cm.) long. Coat colors include blue and tan, solid sandy and solid red. Shades of blue include dark blue, steel-blue, dark gray-blue, or silverblue. In the silver-blues, each hair carries blue and silver alternating with the darker color at the tips. There is a topknot covering only the top of the skull, with a finer and softer texture then the rest of the coat.


Developed in Australia, and one of the smallest working terriers, the Australian Terrier was first shown as the Australian Rough-Coated Terrier in 1868 in Melbourne, Australia. Officially recognized in 1993, the breed was probably created by crossing many Terrier breeds including the Irish, Cairn Terrier, Norwich Terrier, Dandie Dinmont Terrier, Yorkshire Terrier, and Skye Terriers. He was used for rodent and snake control, as a watchdog, and even as a shepherd and as a companion. The Australian Terrier was the first breed to be recognized as native to Australia in 1868. Some of the Australian Terrier's talents are watchdog, tracking, agility, and performing tricks.


The Australian Terrier is a tough, cheeky little fellow with courage that reminds people of a much larger dog. It has boundless energy and is very loyal, showing great affection for its immediate family and its extraordinary intelligence makes it a responsive and very protective companion. It is an alert, amusing and loveable little dog. Spirited, curious, and self-assured, it has very keen hearing and eyesight, making an excellent watchdog. It wants to please its master and is more easily obedience trained than most other terriers. This breed is not snappish.


The Australian Terrier is an adaptable little dog, which needs regular exercise. They enjoy the chance to romp and play in a safe area. The stiff, long, shaggy coat is easy to care for and does not need clipping. Simply brush several times a week, being gentle with the soft undercoat. Brushing stimulates natural oils and will soon bring the coat to a high gloss. The Australian Terrier sheds little to no hair.