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Becoming A Breeder

Dogs SA Registered Breeders

The purpose of becoming a Dogs SA registered Breeder is to abide by and improve the standards of your chosen breed by striving to breed healthy sound dogs, both in temperament and construction, and to test breeding stock for any hereditary diseases which may affect the breed.

In some breeds, compulsory health testing is an ANKC requirement prior to registering a litter.
The individual breed requirements are described on the ANKC website at

For breeds without compulsory health testing, it is advisable to gain knowledge from Breed Clubs or experienced Breeders of health requirements or hereditary diseases applicable to your breed, prior to considering breeding from your dog or bitch.

It is imperative registered Breeders ensure health testing is conducted to ensure any dogs bred do not suffer from any diseases which may have been prevented by simply testing breeding stock.

Becoming a Dog SA Registered Breeder

To become a registered Dogs SA Breeder, you must own an ANKC Main Registered bitch, transferred into your ownership as recorded on the Certified Pedigree Certificate.

If you own an ANKC Main Registered male (stud) dog, this does not entitle you to become a registered breeder.

The owner/s of the ANKC Main Register bitch must become financial Dogs SA member/s and make application for a Kennel Prefix.

Following approval of your Kennel Prefix by the National Office, the Prefix name becomes the first word of the pedigree name of any puppies bred by you.

When selecting a stud dog, ensure the stud dog is registered on the ANKC Main register, is transferred into the owner/s name and the owner/s are financial members of Dogs SA or other Interstate Controlling Office. Where health testing is compulsory or recommended ask to view the original testing results documents.

Further Information

Once you become a registered Dogs SA registered breeder, all puppies bred by you must be registered and the ownership transferred into the new owner/s names within 14 days of disposition. The Breeder has the choice of registering puppies bred on the Main or Limited Registers.

Main Register allows the puppy to be shown at Dog Shows, used for breeding, compete in Trials or be exported overseas.
There is the option of allowing the puppy to be exhibited at Dogs Shows or compete in Trials only by completing and signing the conditions section on the reverse of the pedigree certificate indicating ‘Not for Breeding’ or ‘Not for Export’.

Limited Register allows the puppy to compete in Trials only, with the option of transferring to the Main Register with both the breeder/s and new owner/s consent at a later date.