SA Poultry & Kennel Club Inc

Lynne Bennett (Secretary)


Phone Number

08 8520 2882 / 0411 206 130


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SA Poultry & Kennel Club Inc

When was the club founded:
1863 for Poultry & Dogs were added in 1874.

What does the club do:
Conformation Dog Shows. We hold two weekends of all breeds dog shows in March and August every year.

Interesting information about the club:

The SA Poultry Kennel Club is recognised as the oldest Dog Club in South Australia. The origins of the SAP&KC go back to 19th December 1863 when a meeting was held on a Saturday afternoon at the Globe Inn Adelaide for the purpose of establishing a society for the encouragement of the breed of poultry. The gentlemen present resolved unanimously to establish a society to be called the South Australian Poultry Society. The annual meeting of the South Australian Poultry Society was held in the Sir John Barleycorn Hotel on Tuesday evening, 3rd May 1887. Several alterations were made in the rules, and it was decided that the Society be called in the future the S.A. Poultry and Dog Society. The 27th annual meeting of the SA Poultry and Dog Society was held on Wednesday 21st August 1901. It was resolved that the name of the Society be “The SA Poultry and Kennel Club”. The officers and committee were elected as follows: Patron: His Excellency the Governor Lord Tennyson, President: Mr A Rutter Clarke, Secretary Mr Joseph Hill and Treasurer Mr E Gooden. References: The South Australian Advertiser and Chronicle
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