Mount City & District Kennel Club Inc

Lyn Harris-Walker


Phone Number

08 8725 8094


Postal Address

PO BOX 1294, Mount Gambier SA 5290




Mount City & District Kennel Club Inc

When was the club founded:
Organised Dog Shows in the South East go back to the late 19th Century, with competitions at the various Agricultural Shows. The first Dog Section at the Mt Gambier AHS was in 1879. Several Kennel Clubs were formed following the Second World War and the Easter weekend circuit developed. As the committees of both The Mount Gambier Kennel Club and The Crater City Kennel Club were the same people holding different positions, and there were two lots of affiliation fees, etc, steps were put in place mid 2010 to amalgamate the two Clubs. After a lot of research, the appropriate steps were taken. The paperwork was finally approved by DogsSA and the new Club - Mount City and District Kennel Club - came into being in January 2012. Their first event was Easter Dogfest 2012.

What does the club do:
We run 5 or 6 championship shows on the Easter long weekend and 3 shows along with the A & H Society in the third full week in October. We also do show training as needed by our membership. We also have a microchipping service.

Interesting information about the club:
In the years since the 1879 the clubs have held dog shows or parades as they were known in Mount Gambier in all that time we have only missed October 2021 due to covid lockdown which is no easy feat with a small membership.

This is a show venue