Hungarian Vizsla Club of SA

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Phone Number

0417 845 977


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Hungarian Vizsla Club of SA

When was the club founded:
The club was established with Dogs SA in 1995 but was social previous to that in1992

What does the club do:
The Hungarian Vizsla Club of SA Inc. welcomes all Vizsla owners – whether their dog is a top winning show dog, competes in obedience, agility or retrieving trials or a wonderful loving pet. Also welcome are those who are interested in learning more about the breed, previous Vizsla owners who happen to be without a Vizsla currently and others who, for whatever reason, are admirers of this lovely breed.

Interesting information about the club:
The club meets for formal fun get togethers 4 times a year with a BBQ and these are free to members. We also have several beach meets during the summer. During winter we try to do meets in country locations when the snakes are not about.

Members receive a club key ring and club lead when they join the club and 4 club newsletters each year.
The club also holds a Specialty Dog Show each year.
You can join online via Easy Dogs
We have several beach get togethers over the summer months and country walks during winter.

This is a show venue