Golden Retriever Club of SA

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PO BOX 279, Gumeracha SA 5233

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Golden Retriever Club of SA

When was the club founded:
The Golden Retriever Club of SA was founded in 1971.

What does the club do:
The GRC of SA is involved in the preservation and promotion of the Golden Retriever. The clubs aims to encourage all owners of Golden retrievers to display responsible dog ownership, and to ensure the breed is maintained in a manner that encourages good hereditary health and breeding practices.

It is also involved in the running of Shows, Obedience trials and Retrieving trials and encourages all owners to become involved in the clubs activities.

The club is also involved in the running and organisation of the Canine Caring Visitors Scheme of South Australia, which promotes and organises the visiting of our canine friends in the aged care facilities of South Australia.

Other interesting facts about the club:
The club has an extremely active Face Book page, "Friends of the Golden Retriever Club of SA" which has over 2,000 members, we run "Fundays" for our club members and also often open those fundays to all Golden Retriever owners, outside of our membership.

We provide countless hours of help to prospective puppy buyers and educate those people on the hereditary diseases affecting our breed, what hereditary screening parents should be tested for before they are bred from, and provide them with a comprehensive information package from the club, to ensure they purchase a puppy whose parents have had the correct health testing.

The club is actively involved in ensuring our breeder members produce the healthiest puppies as possible and is also actively involved in mentoring new breeders to also achieve those goals.

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