Border Collie Club of SA Inc

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0402 289 058


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Border Collie Club of SA Inc

When was the club founded:
The Border Collie Club of South Australia was incorporated in September 2021.

What does the club do:
We aim to encourage and promote the ethical breeding, care, training and exhibition of the Border Collie breed, promote public interest in the Border Collie breed and activities that can be participated in with these versatile and very clever dogs. We are very excited to have three patrons of our club with an immense wealth of shared knowledge and experience within our breed, Mrs Lynn Harrison (Tullacrest) and Mr John and Mrs Joyce Sullivan (Kennoway). It stands us in very good stead moving forward to have their support and expertise to guide and promote our club.

Interesting information about the club:
One of the most exciting things about the Border Collie is their versatility. To showcase this, we are hosting our inaugural conformation show and obedience and rally trials in May 2022 (just 8 months after forming the club!) and hope to expand our events and exhibitions to include disciplines such as agility, tricks, dances with dogs and herding in coming years, potentially even being able to host the Border Collie National in the future - showcasing all the different elements of what our fantastic dogs can do, and also often really exciting events for people to come and watch!